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We are the most interesting music magazine widely read across Australia.
We engage on several topics that are related to music. We offer deep insights into practically all subject areas that concern music. We want to ensure that there is adequate knowledge on music and its importance across different sectors.
We also engage in book reviews, interviews, and publication of profiles, through which we further enhance our objective on making more people get acquainted with music.
With no Australian mag like us, we offer cutting-edge articles and pieces of info that touch anything music related. Our magazines come in prints and electronic forms to ensure that we provide adequate access to everyone across different communities in Australia. We are the best in this.

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Advocacy is key for several things. There is a need for advocacy to improve in the areas of music in education and parental engagement. Advocacy has helped spur lots of initiatives and ideas which now contribute to development. With constant advocacy, schools can begin to adopt more effective teaching strategies that make for music in education.

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